He Is……….

He is truthful.
He is credible.
He speaks fluently.
He is attractive in clear language.
He builds up his talks with words of morals.
He is without humbug or deception.
He communes in the language and slang of the listener.
He speaks no less no more but to the point.
He utters less, keeps silent more.
He remains far from evil preachers.
He smiles while chatting.

He remains tolerant, discern and placid when powerful.
He is most enduring where everyone fails to be.
He chooses the simplest, where it is free to choose.

He faces evils with compassion.
He is brave in crisis.
He advances to the enemies fearless.
He stands in front to lead his troops.
He revenges not, when conquers.
He steels the hearts of friends and foes.

He is timid, like a teenage girl hiding inside.
His face flaunts grieves within.
He gazes at none’s face.
He ganders down more than up.

He is kind and generous.
He preserves relationships.
He treats relations with pouring hands.
He extends charity when he is in poverty.
He says no to none.
He visits the poor, sits with them, eats with them.
He shares their sorrow.

He does housekeeping like a servant.
He serves his servants.
He travels with commons.
He mingles in their customs, toils.
He is respected in all audiences.
He sees all happenings around.

He holds personality of unmatched calibre.
He is for sure with honorable character.

He is none, other than Muhammed Musthafa (s.a.w.).
The last messenger, Allah bestows him peace.