Tik…, Tik…

The clock struck five times to wake me in the morning.  I could hear the pleasing, melodious musical notes very clearly, as my doors were open for fresh air to circulate around. As I opened my eyes the beautiful scenes of my mysterious dream were fading from my mind.  None of them remained there in a clear and retrievable condition,  but some bits and patterns as usual.

I poured some water into the glass tumbler from the jar kept on the small bedside table. I felt water tasted better in the morning than at any other time of the day.

After  the basic preliminary procedures in the toilet which took a short time, I sat in the  lounge opposite to and facing  the clock which happened to be the motivator of the day for  me. I was awaiting  my wife for a cup of hot tea, watching the clock.   It stood there like a carved statue of a great historical  giant.

The whole wooden structure is taller than me when I stand by its side, my face being slightly below its own face with all the essentials of a clock’s dial. The long metallic hand of the minutes and the short one of hours with the surrounding twelve metallic numerals, all in black colour with a white textured background, constitute  the major components.   There oscillates a shining metallic rod  with a golden disc at the bottom end, better known as pendulum.  The face has a small  framed door with a  glass pane and the  tall body has  similar but longer one. The bottom shelf  has yet another door  without glass. At the top on the sides there are two battery compartments with small doors to store the fuels for the entire system.

The Oxford dictionary defines the clock as an instrument for measuring and indicating time.  The invention of the first clock is not known, but the first striking  clock was made in Milan in the year 1335.  The oldest clock still existing is in Rouen,  France. It was built in 1389. Although the mechanisms and working principles were far developed  and varied now,  the clock does the same job.

The clock is very honest in its duties and very punctual. It does its works  independently and does not look or wait for others to do any  job. It is neither late nor early anywhere, but in time. It is a living creature as long as it is fuelled adequately.  Specifically the clock is the only one  among the living and the non living that keeps time and is independent and regular.

I, or all of us, only try to keep time, be independent and be regular; but most of the time fail with long lists  of excuses and complaints.